Star the Moonlight is a neo-soul band straight from the outer rim, brimming with lush timbres and harmonies and driven by the powerful rhythmic interplay of interlocking grooves.  It is the result of the unique collaboration of composer/songwriter/keyboardist/bass clarinetist Max Zooi and singer Hattie Simon, keyboardist Andrew Freedman, bassist James Quinlan and drummer Phil McNeal.

Star the Moonlight was formed in 2015 with the desire to create music that is at times compositional and arranged and at other times loose, free and improvised.  Inspiration is taken from Richard Strauss, Frank Zappa and Dirty Projectors to create a mind melding mix of synthetic and acoustic textures, like a Van Gogh reimagined by Andrew Thomas Huang (director of the music video for Bjork's "Mutual Core")